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Posted: July, 24, 2019 | Categories: Blog | Available Homes | Skogman Homes CV | Tips & Trends

Kitchens are the heart of the home and a great place to show off your unique style! Trends are always changing so we put together some of our latest kitchens to inspire you.  

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1. Wood Tone Cabinets - That's right, lighter wood tone cabinets have made a comeback. This popular color is called Burlap and provides a light greyish wood color that can be more traditional or modern. 


2. Tuxedo Kitchens - This new trend means that the lower cabinets are all one color and the upper cabinets are a different color. They don't have to be black and white either. 

10 copy.jpg

3. Grey Cabinets - Buyers are opting for grey cabinets as an alternative to white.

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4. Black & White - For a timeless and sophisticated look, buyers have chosen to use black and white in their kitchens. 

IMG_1539 copy.jpg

5. Pops of Color - Adding a colored backsplash tile makes this kitchen pop.

3960_Hendricks_Ln_NE-30 copy.jpg

6. Open Shelving - Open shelving allows for a fun place to display glassware or create a coffee bar.

5427_Wild_Rye (9 of 42) copy2.jpg

7. Sleek and Modern - This kitchen features flat panel cabinetry, a waterfall countertop, and a modern tile backsplash. 

5157_Prairie_Trail (15 of 41) copy.jpg

8. Dark Perimeter with White Island - Two-toned kitchens are nothing new but it no longer has to be white perimeters with a dark island. This kitchen features flagstone cabinets with a pop of white in the island. 

Whether you prefer a more traditional look or are interested in going more modern, when you build a new home, you get to pick the perfect design for you and your family. 

Our six model homes are open each week so you can tour different plans and visualize your next kitchen. 

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