4 Reasons to Buy an Under-Construction Home

Posted: September, 11, 2020 | Categories: Blog | Available Homes | Housing Market | Skogman Homes CV

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1. Save money! In new construction, prices of materials often change monthly, so if we started the build process that base price and materials price is locked in. Depending on the start date, that could be a significant amount of savings compared to starting your build at a later time.

2. Save time! There are quite a few steps before we start building, but when you buy a home that has already started, you miss that part of the process. Depending on the time of year and weather, building a new home can take about 5-9 months from start to finish. When you buy a home that has already started construction, that time is dramatically reduced and could be within a 90 day completion window.

3. Lock in your Interest Rate! Don’t fret about what your rate might be in 6 months, lock that awesome low rate right away. Of course, we have to say, every lender is different and has different loan options but typically when you buy a home that is under construction, you have a pretty firm closing date and can plan out your financing up front. Ah, who doesn’t love more peace of mind!

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4. There’s still time to make customizations… maybe! Ok, so this one just depends on the build stage but usually there is time to make some changes to selections like flooring, countertops, light fixtures, or paint. Our New Homes Specialists & Project Managers are happy to help you figure out what can and cannot change on an under-construction home.

So there you have it, the top 4 reasons to consider purchasing an under-construction home. Click here to browse all the great homes we have right now, did we mention that many of them will be completed before the holidays?

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