We love our new home, our favorite part  of building was picking the different products we wanted in our home. I also liked the first time we walked in and it was ours. The smell of the new products like carpet, paint, etc. I don’t have time to fix things in my house, so to have everything brand new with warranties allows me to sleep soundly at night.  Skogman Homes made it easy, they allowed us to trade our current home for the new home so we didn’t have to worry during the process. We love our neighborhood, everyone waves. There are deer that run through our backyard and we feel safe in our neighborhood.

Kel Anderson

My favorite part of my new home is how absolutely beautiful is it! The attention to detail by every hand that touched our house is astonishing. It’s practically perfect. My favorite part of working with Skogman Homes was their professionalism. We complained a lot, and every person we dealt with was always professional and kind and patient.  The best thing about my neighborhood is that it’s still growing. It’s fun to see the new families build new homes and move in! My son is making new friends, we really enjoy the community!

Jamie Soto

My favorite part of our new home is the pantry and master closet. But I just told someone I could live in my old house, in my NEW neighborhood, and be just as happy! The best thing about building with Skogman Homes was the communication. Both my new home agent and project manager were on top of any questions or concerns that came up. The team was thorough in her explanations, flexible with their time, and very responsive. The best thing about my new neighborhood is the people. Everyone welcomed us with open arms. I feel safe and more importantly, I know someone is always watching out for the kids while they play.

Kassie Docker

In 2005 we built a home through Skogman and had a very pleasant experience, and as our family grew and we outgrew our other home, we decided that we liked the experience we had with Skogman so we built with them again. One of the things I was really awesome by was when we took a look at the lot, and the process from now, today, from 2005, so 12 years ago, is how their processes, quality, and professional staff really enhanced the building process from start to finish. Everything from the type of garage door openers to the locks to the size of the lot.

The White's Skogman Story

We have lived in a lot of used homes since we've been married. For us, the idea of living in a house with limited maintenance, and being able to just have our weekends free to do what we want rather than focus on the house - that was a huge reason that we decided to go with Skogman Homes. The homebuilding process was extremely smooth. We knew where we were as far as timing, price, and where the next steps were going to be in the process the entire time, so it left very few questions in our mind as to what was next or where we were at with our budget. The process was so smooth and easy that... It was simple.

The Susong's Skogman Story

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