Cold Temps Haven’t Slowed a Hot Housing Market in Cedar Rapids!

Posted: April, 9, 2018 | Categories: Blog

It’s almost hard to think past the cold winter months and fast forward to the warmer days to come, but it’s exactly what so many new homeowners have done in Cedar Rapids. Those days will be here before you know it, and the first couple of months in 2018 have already seen so much activity as eager families have taken advantage of our move-in ready homes. They’re planning ahead to live out all their summer fun in the perfect neighborhood for them.

If getting into your home quickly, while also having the ability to customize your finishes are both important to you, then one of our available homes should be your next stop this April.  Many of these homes allow you to incorporate all your finishing touches and final selections, and get you ready to start enjoying your family’s ideal summer by May/June. 

While interest rates are slowly climbing and people feel the urgency to make the move to a new home, the market activity in Cedar Rapids continues to thrive. But the more people there are buying new homes right now, the longer you’ll have to wait for your dream home.

Maybe instead you’re picturing a beautiful open living space and a dining room packed with rowdy football fans and hungry family members at Thanksgiving or a statement-making entryway to greet smiling, neighborhood trick-or-treaters.  If a fall move-in date is more align with your new home goals, our pre-sold homes will have you planning your holidays in a new home with an October 1 completion/processing date, and more opportunity for customization.

Whatever your timeline may be, it’s time to forget the cold and take advantage of the hot market here in Cedar Rapids.  And with our Guaranteed Sale Program, you can simply enjoy the short road to your new home without the worry of double home payments.  We’ll write an offer on the home you want to buy with a contingency that ensures you a mutually agreed upon price if it doesn’t sell before closing on your new home.  Afterall, you have too much daydreaming to do about summers and holidays in your new home to have time to worry about your current one.

Contact us today to turn all your visions for a new home into a reality and find the perfect community for your family.  The lifestyle you can’t stop thinking about is here waiting for you in a Skogman home!

By Skogman Homes

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