Brighten Up Your Home With These Spring Maintenance Tips!

Posted: April, 2, 2018 | Categories: Blog


  1. Mosquitos are inevitable in the warmer, more humid months, but did you know there are ways to actually prevent them? Take a stroll around your yard and remove any standing water from flower pots, patio furniture or lawn decor as they become a real magnet for those pesky critters.
  2. Check for loose drainpipes, and cracked or broken roof shingles. Your roof is your primary defense against water damage, so make it a priority before those April showers start! Examine nearby trees for loose or broken limbs to make sure they aren’t touching your roof or siding as they may cause damage later.
  3. Check your windows and screens. A great way to save on that electric bill is opening the windows and embracing the spring breeze, but it’s also an entryway for bugs and gnats. If any holes are bigger than a quarter, the screens may need to be patched or replaced.
  4. Test outside faucets & water lines. Turn the water back on and make sure everything is working properly. Check for any evidence of freeze damage.
  5. Let’s make your yard work as easy as possible this spring. By draining old gas and oil and sharpening the blades of your lawnmower and other power equipment, you’ll lengthen the life of your mower,  improve the look of your lawn and make your yard work easier. Win, win, win.


  1. Have the HVAC system checked – before the first heat wave! This isn’t an annual thing.  You should be cleaning your system more than once a year, so use the start of spring as your reminder.  Not only do dirty filters cause your system to work harder, but nothing’s worse than turning the AC on and getting hot air when it’s sweltering.
  2. Change the direction of your ceiling fans. You may not even realize it, but the specific way your fans circulate can better help cool down your house. Many homeowners change the direction of their fans to better circulate warm air in the winter, so if you didn’t know, now’s the time to make sure your ceiling fans are meeting their full potential! 
  3. A long winter of washing heavy sweaters and layers could have caused some wear and tear on your machine’s fill house. While easy to overlook, a leaky house could cause major damage, so give it a quick inspection for any cracks. And clean out that dryer vent as those sweaters really pile the lint on!
  4. Vacuum your refrigerator coils. My refrigerator has coils? On the bottom or back of your fridge, you’ll find coils that conduct the hot air inside the unit. By removing the more-than-likely coating of dust on these coils, they can do their job more efficiently and lower your electric bill as a result! Use the vacuum hose for tough to reach spots.
  5. Organize. Go through the piles of stuff that have accumulated over the winter, and get out with the old, in with the new! It’s a great time to donate clothes, toys or books, so clean out your closets. Good rule of thumb: If you haven’t touched it, looked at it, or worn it in the last year, get rid of it. Then you’ll make plenty of space for a new spring wardrobe!

By Skogman Homes

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